Wire Ties and Baling Wire

Wastedrive offers comprehensive installation, design, maintenance and support services for the following brands and models of wire ties and baling wire.

Accent Wire Tie and L & P Wire Tie Systems

Accent Wire is the leading manufacturer of wire ties for two-ram balers. Wastedrive supports both brands offering complete Wire Ties and genuine replacement partsfor all models.


We supply high quality baling wire for the following wire tying applications:

  • High tensile baling wire for Accent or Leggett & Platt wire ties
  • Black annealed baling wire for all other bale tying applications

Our annealed baling wire has a breaking load of 2.0 to 3.5kN while the breaking load for the high tensile galvanised baling wire is 5.6 through to 7.9kN. We also offer other products needed for use with our balers, shears and shredders. Liberty OneSteel also provide BaleTite Galvanised Baling Wire, which is a high tensile product and the strongest of the Liberty baling wire products. BaleTie features Liberty‚Äôs world-class galvanising technology. We recommend Liberty OneSteel baling wire to optimise the life of your wire tie wear parts.

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